Investing in the Future of India

Offering Sustainable Livelihood.

We are a not-for-profit organization which strives to bring about positive changes in society. We have been able to provide sustainable livelihoods in Dwarka, Delhi, by providing training and work opportunities to marginalized groups of people. Our main target sections are disadvantaged women and handicapped individuals.

In Durga Saptashati's livelihood workshops we teach underprivileged women vocational skills (like tailoring and painting) and also promote the development of maintained micro-enterprises such as producing natural agro-food products, handloom, craftsmanship, etc. We also offer a safe space for them to work and provide them with a stable income they can depend on.

We also focus on community-building exercises to engage people in civic participation and empower them with leadership skills. We believe that if we work together as parents, teachers, neighbours, community leaders, and socially responsible Indian citizens- we can create a better tomorrow for our children.

Do you want to help us?

We need you to help us build an organization that can provide sustainable jobs for needy people in Dwarka, India. Work with us to leave a mark