No People Hungry

No People Hungry

Fighting Hunger

Food is a basic human right, not charity.

We believe every person deserves nutritious food irrespective of their age, where they live or their economic status. All our efforts in fighting hunger in Delhi, have been aimed at making healthy and nutritious food available to needy people. Saptashati foundation is dedicated to bridging the gap between food and people (who don’t have access to it).

Senior citizens with no pensions or income source, and handicapped people are among the most vulnerable section, while young underprivileged children are more prone to malnutrition. Therefore, they are central to our focus. We not only provide them with food but also conduct free health checkups.

We provide food to the locals in Dwarka and run a free community-based kitchen and distribution centre for anyone in need. Our founder-Sandhya Singh also organizes frequent food donation drives across Delhi. We also provide vocational training to women living in slums so that they can get self-employed, which will help them earn money to take care of their families and provide food.

Join the Fight!

Sponsor a meal, donate funds for our free kitchen or volunteer with us.