Women's Empowerment

Women's Empowerment

We dream of an equal society; without gender bias, unjust treatment, and equal opportunities!

That’s why the name of our NGO- Durga Saptashati, is inspired by a religious text of Hinduism, which highlights the power of women and describes the true essence of being a female.

Empowered women are social catalysts that uplift their families, communities, and countries at large. A woman is truly uplifted, only when she has the freedom to choose and decide without any external influence. Saptashati foundation offers a holistic self-development environment to disadvantaged women of Dwarka in Delhi/NCR.

Our women's welfare NGO in Dwarka provides marginalised women with daily wage opportunities by promoting micro-enterprises and encouraging them to participate in social development activities. Our volunteers and NGO members also spread awareness about women's safety in Delhi, arrange and teach self-defence in Dwarka, and conduct frequent self-development seminars for women (of all ages).

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