Durga Saptashti Foundation Turns 2!

Sandhya Singh has worked with a number of grassroots and advocacy organizations for over two decades. She founded the Durga Saptashati Foundation in Dwarka, Delhi (in 2020) to bridge the gap between the rights and needs of marginalized communities in Dwarka, Delhi. She firmly believes that to end the vicious cycle of poverty the focus pillars are education, health, awareness, and safety. That’s why all our social initiatives are centered around these.

The Durga Saptashati organization aims to empower and encourage young girls, women, senior citizens, and specially-abled individuals. Sandhya Singh has been vocal about child and women’s safety in Indian cities. That’s why she frequently organizes self-defence camps in Dwarka, Delhi for women of all ages to learn self-defence tactics for free. The organization also facilitates women’s access to economic resources, such as skills training and employment opportunities.

Even the foundation’s name (Durga Saptashati) is inspired by a Hindu Script that celebrates the power of Maa Durga.

Sandhya Singh founded this charity organization to focus on the following four problems prevalent in the marginalized communities of Delhi:

  • No Hunger
  • Women Empowerment
  • Education for Every Kid
  • Livelihood for all

As the NGO celebrates its 2nd anniversary, we look behind and feel a sense of accomplishment and achievement because of all the cheer and smiles we spread! Running an NGO and working in the field takes work. It takes constant dedication, compassion, patience, and zeal to bring change. But till the time we have visionary leaders like Sandhya Singh, there is hope and warmth for everyone!

We also extend heartfelt gratitude to all our donors, sponsors, and volunteers for helping us make our country better- one life at a time.

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