Durga Saptashti NGO in Delhi- Empowering Women and Children in Dwarka

Durga Saptashati NGO is among the best NGOs in Delhi for women’s safety and empowerment. Not only this- food health, child safety, and aid for senior citizens in Dwarka are also among our focus areas. We work to empower women and children to create a brighter tomorrow!

Durga Saptashati self-defence camps for young women in Delhi/NCR have equipped many girls and women with safety tactics to prevent sexual abuse, harm, and physical/mental harassment. We also organise Durga Saptashati food donation drives in Dwarka and provide free and nutritious food to needy people. Durga Saptashati founder Sandhya Singh, firmly believes that no one should sleep on a hungry stomach. Hence we do our best to make food accessible to all.

At Durga Saptashati NGO in Delhi, we strive to provide holistic support for people of all ages living in Dwarka. From educational workshops to health services, we have something for everyone!

Durga Saptashati NGO for Kids Education in Delhi

At Durga Saptashati, we believe that education is one of the crucial factors in empowering children. Therefore, we work tirelessly to provide the best education possible for underprivileged kids by distributing free books and arranging free tuition classes.

Top NGO Supporting Senior Citizens in Delhi

Durga Saptashati also focuses on building strong communities through our Senior Citizens program. We provide elderly citizens with emotional support, medical aid, and various other services to ensure they live dignified life. We also work with numerous corporate partners to raise funds for our cause. Durga Saptashati is also among the Top NGOs for Senior-Citizens in Dwarka Delhi.

Way Forward

At Durga Saptashati NGO in Dwarka, we believe every person deserves an equal chance at success in life. Our mission is to bridge the gap between privilege and poverty by providing opportunities for children to gain access to education and resources. Every day, we work with children/youth/women/the elderly living in extreme circumstances. It allows us to make a difference in their lives. Even our volunteers have been deeply impacted by the relationships they have made along the way.

If you wish to contribute- you can volunteer or donate funds to sponsor our initiatives.

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