Durga Saptashti: Fighting Hunger In Delhi India

Hunger is a complex problem that has many causes and effects. It has been around for decades, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. But we can all help fight it by doing our best such as never wasting food, feeding hungry and poor people, etc.

What is Hunger, anyway?

Hunger is a feeling of intense or great physical or emotional need for food. It is a human survival instinct controlled by the brain. Hunger can lead to extreme behaviours and emotional distress like anger, irritability, sadness and anxiety.

Did you know approximately 4500 children die every day due to food hunger and malnutrition in India?

Now that you know how grim and dire the situation is- come, and join Durga Saptashati in fighting food hunger in India.

Here are a few ways Durga Saptashati NGO in Delhi is tackling the issue:

  • Making Food Accessible by conducting food donation drives in Dwarka
  • Spreading awareness about nutritious food and healthy eating habits
  • Providing livelihood opportunities to marginalised and disadvantaged people (especially women and handicapped individuals) in Dwarka.

Take a pledge with us to make India Hunger-Free!

You can donate funds to sponsor our food donations or contribute your valuable time by volunteering for us.

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