Breaking Barriers, Building Dreams: The Effect of Vocational Skill Development on Women Empowerment

For Durga Saptashati NGO in Dwarka, vocational skill development for women is not just about giving knowledge; it’s about transforming lives and communities. In Dwarka, Delhi, empowering women through vocational training is an investment in a brighter, more equitable future. As women break free from traditional roles, gain economic independence, and become role models, they pave the way for a […]

Durga Saptashati NGO’s Journey in Gender Equality and Advocacy

Gender equality is not just a matter of social justice but a fundamental human right. In the heart of Dwarka, Delhi, our organisation has been making remarkable strides in championing the cause of gender equality and advocacy. Durga Saptashati NGO, founded by Sandhya Singh, has been a beacon of hope, empowering women and advocating for their rights in this vibrant […]

Durga Saptashati NGO: Empowering Children in Dwarka

A Path to Safety, Education, and Breaking the Cycle of Poverty in India In a nation as diverse and culturally rich as India, ensuring the safety and education of its children is of paramount importance. Unfortunately, millions of children across the country still face numerous challenges that hinder their growth and development. This is where NGOs like Durga Saptashati NGO […]

Durga Saptashati NGO’s Yoga Day Celebration in Delhi

The Yoga Day celebration organized by Durga Saptashati NGO in Delhi is a testament to the profound impact of yoga on lives, particularly those of economically weaker families. By integrating yoga into our holistic approach to community development, our NGO, led by Sandhya Singh, not only promotes physical well-being but also nurtures mental resilience and a sense of empowerment. The […]