Durga Saptashati Painting Competition

Help us nurture young talents!

Every child has an innate talent waiting to be discovered and nurtured. With your support, we can create a safe and conducive environment for these children to unleash their potential. Our founder Sandhya Singh believes every child has a right to be understood and acknowledged. But not just through words; instead, via the language of their choice! Durga Saptashati plays a pivotal role in fostering confidence in them via our frequent painting competitions in Dwarka.

India is home to a large population of the world’s underprivileged children, yet we (as a society) have done little to reduce the number or improve their living conditions. In partnership with like-minded people, we aim to empower these children by providing them with holistic opportunities and the basic necessities of life – education, healthcare and nourishment.

Want to give back to society; Join hands with us!

Each painting that takes shape on the canvas is more than just an art piece; it is a symbol of hope for many of these children who have seen too much pain and suffering in their lives. We encourage you to become a part of this movement by donating today! You can either donate funds or colours, drawing books, paints or even better, contribute with your precious time by volunteering with us.

We need your support to make this possible. Please donate generously to our cause and help us empower the next generation of artists!

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