International Women’s Day Celebration in Dwarka

Women’s Day is a day for celebrating women’s social, cultural, political, and economic achievements; an occasion to spread awareness about gender equality and the importance of empowering women. It is also a reminder that much work still needs to be done to uplift women in our society.

How are we fuelling a change?

Delhi’s sex ratio has always been concerning because of the gender-preferential mindset or practices. Due to this, crimes against women are always very high (female foeticide, infanticide, sexual assaults, dowry, etc.). And these grave atrocities against women are prevalent in almost every part of the country.

That’s why the Durga Saptashati NGO foundation in Dwarka provides- free services that empower women, children, and their communities throughout Delhi by focusing on education, advocacy, and safety. Our NGO’s goal is to help women in distress by providing them with all the necessary means to get back on their feet – financial or any other assistance. We work in close collaboration with the government and law enforcement agencies for the betterment of our society. We also provide vocational skill training and self-defence techniques to girls and women in order to empower them socially and economically.

Every year on 8th March, on the occasion of International Women’s Day- Durga Saptashati Celebrates International Women’s Day In Dwarka. We conduct various fun activities, competitions, and programmes to spread awareness.

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