Help Durga Saptashti NGO Save Lives!

NGOs are the first responders in any disaster. They not only provide medical aid, food, and water to people in need but also offer emotional and psychosocial support. Let’s explore how Durga Spatashti NGO in Delhi helped people during Covid-19.

Sandhya Singh-led- Durga Saptashati foundation in Dwarka has been providing every possible aid to marginalised and underprivileged people in Delhi for the past two years. We worked in three steps. The first step was to assess the needs of the population and identify where help was needed the most. The second step was to provide medical care and Covid-19 relief aids to those who required it, including Oxygen Concentrators, masks, sanitisers etc. The third step was to distribute food and water supplies through several distribution points across the city to the underprivileged people of Dwarka. We also offered monetary help to critically sick people for bearing hospital charges.

3 ways you can help:

We provide free covid-aid to those in need, which means anyone can use our service.


Donations are the only way we’re able to provide services for free – whether it’s equipment or medicine, your generosity is greatly appreciated and needed.


We’re always looking for talented volunteers with skills! Your contributions will go a long way in helping us achieve our goals.

Share our mission:

If you like what we do, please share our mission with others – through word of mouth or by becoming an advocate. We need your help in making Delhi a better place!

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