Self-Defence Camps In Dwarka -Durga Saptashti

Durga Saptashati is a Delhi-based NGO working to empower women in Delhi/NCR. We conduct self-defence camps, which teach physical and mental self-defence techniques to women. We believe in empowering women by giving them the tools to fight back against violence through physical and psychological self-defence tactics training. These workshops are available for both girls and women of all ages.

Our practical workshops cover the following topics: – Prevention of sexual harassment – Assertiveness training – Physical self-defence – Mental preparedness – Non-verbal communication skills.

Durga Saptashati self-defence camps in Dwarka are practical and interactive sessions that teach marginalized women how to stay safe in any situation. We also teach young women- how to remain calm under high emotional pressure, stay alert even when they are tired, speak up for themselves, and more!

Volunteer opportunities

Durga Saptashati is always looking for volunteers to help us carry out our mission. We need mentors, teachers, instructors, lawyers, and more. Get in touch if you’re interested in helping us reduce gender-based violence in Delhi through self-defence workshops!

Donate now and help us empower more women

We work to reduce the number of sexual assaults, murders, and suicides. By donating, you’ll help provide self-defence training sessions for even more people. Help us save lives!

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